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What is “Leela Fest”?
Bhakti is one of the most complete human expressions, filled with purity and sattva(goodness) leading to a higher consciousness. Leela fest is an atmosphere created to unify the Atma (self) and the Parmatma (creator) through bhakti. By embracing traditional Indian rituals and music(kirtans) connected to the sacred and spiritual dimension of the vast religious traditions of India, we seek to form a community, a family, enveloped with love, prayer and devotion.

Leela is a way of describing all reality, including the cosmos, as the outcome of creative play by the divine absolute (Brahman). A spontaneous self-manifestation of the divine, Leela is a purpose-less purpose an adventure.


Leela Fest endeavours to deliver a unique festival, conspicuous in the landscape of Goa cultural festivals, which integrates with the existing calendar of successful festivals ongoing in Goa. Leela Fest also wishes to create a community that inspires creative collaborations and promotes exchange across cultures. A harmonious concoction of yoga, arts, music and dance reflecting a rich Indian cultural and spiritual heritage, all embodied into one. Leela fest will be housing a varied number of workshops, teachers and facilitators. Keeping the mood of the festival in mind, we have made sure that we invite noteworthy and genuine Indian musicians, artists, craftsmen, and Vedic scholars from all around India, giving them an opportunity to perform amongst an international audience. uere


Leela Fest seeks to enrich the community and participants with a celebration of Indian spiritual cultures by uniting Indian art forms, performing arts, philosophy, traditions, and rituals ( e-g. Indian Traditional Bhakti, Kirtan, Bhajans, discourses). Leela Fest aims to create a space to celebrate and enhance unique Indian cultural and spiritual heritage by inspiring and educating participants about the historical achievements and artistic expressions of Indian spiritual culture and richness while developing an appreciation for the arts


The Leela Fest is a “not-for-profit” project. All organisers and volunteers are providing their work as free SEVA (selfless service) and have a chance to gain some good Karmas. The festival is not driven by any financial or economical gains, as our sole purpose is to make this festival accessible to a wide range of participants and facilitatorsRituals.