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A Bhandara or Langar (meals) is where simple, hearty and nutritious meals are served to everybody as equals. A place where all prejudices of caste and creed are left behind and People sit on the floor, eat together. The meals will be simple satvik vegetarian food. Satvik food provides calmness, purity and promotes longevity, intelligence, strength, health, happiness and delight.

Two key concepts of our communal kitchen:

Pangat – All of humanity is one family regardless of caste, color, or creed. All sit together cross-legged in lines, forming rows without discrimination, consideration of rank, or position.

Sangat – Noble devotees influence others to aspire to truthful living. Congregate with the like-minded company for the purpose of uttering the name of one God in the presence of the Guru.


When the meal is ready, a small portion of each dish is put in a bowl and placed in front of the God as an offering to bless us. Then a prayer called Bhog is recited to seek God’s acceptance of the food. The food is then returned to the original pot so that the blessings of the God can be passed on to everybody through the entire pot of food. When people come into the langar hall, they sit on the floor on long rows of rugs as the servers circulate among them, bringing them fresh food.


Panchamrut after every pooja will also be served. A mixture of honey, milk, ghee, curd and sugar is called panchamrut and is a routine offering to God. All the five components have satvik properties and their consumption promotes health.


We encourage you to come together for 5 days of blissful journey, a journey of Indian tradition, culture, spirituality, yoga and music. We hope the festival will energise your senses and bring about an enlightened perspective towards spirituality.


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