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Project Description

It is rarely anyone who is not enchanted by music. When practiced as group in adoring a Murthy of the devata, something is emergent from the experience which takes us beyond the mundane.
Kirtan and a Bhajan are closely related, with both sharing common aims, subjects, musical themes and devotional performance arts. A Bhajan is more free form, can be singular melody that is performed by a single singer with or without one and more musical instruments. Kirtan, in contrast, differs in being a more structured team performance, typically with a call and response musical structure, similar to an intimate conversation or gentle sharing of ideas, and it includes two or more musical instruments, with roots in the prosody principles of the Vedic era.

Many Kirtan are structured for more audience participation, where the singer calls a spiritual chant, a hymn or a devotional theme, the audience then responds back by repeating the chant or by chanting back a reply of their shared beliefs.