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Vedic philosophy tells us about the existence of another type of particle called the atma, the soul, the self, having different properties from those of ordinary particles.
Vedic Philosophy provides answers to all unanswered questions i.e why there is pain and pleasure, rich and poor, healthy and sick; God – His qualities, nature and works. Soul – Its nature and qualities, souls of humans and animals; reincarnation – how does it happens, why one is born as he or she is. What is the purpose of life? What we ought to do?
The process of spiritual development described in the Vedic literature is one of a gradual process of realization and love of God. This wisdom has been carefully preserved and passed down through the centuries through the vehicle of the disciplic succession of self-realized teachers.
The mind has to be calibrated, as with any high-precision measuring device, by cleansing it of all selfish, egoistic and cruel propensities. This can be done by the powerful method of meditation techniques utilizing the chanting of mantras, which involve the recitation of the names of God and can focus, tame, and purify the mind. Once the mind has been cleansed, direct perception of the soul is possible, not only within oneself, but then also within every other living entity. This method has been tested and approved by great saints throughout millennia, whose lives are testimony to their words.