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Project Description

Ecstatic mantra session is the conscious dance on Bhakti music. Conscious dance – is an invigorating mind-body practice of uncensored spontaneous movement for normal people just like you who love to dance when no one’s watching. Just think of it as rockin’ out to your favorite tunes at home, only So. Much. More. Imagine recess – grownup style – as a group of friends drop inhibitions and let loose; animating the room into a dynamic and interactive playground engendering total freedom of expression.

Because free-form dance requires 100% presence of the participant, it is an engaging form of meditation, coaxing the dancer to listen deeply and follow oneself faithfully. Unstructured freestyle movement generates a meditative, trance-like state out of which great joy, freedom, and peace arise. The Conscious Dance floor becomes a majestic field of freedom inducing complete immersion into the present moment.