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Project Description

“Mananaat Traayate Iti Mantrah” best captures the meaning of this tradition. It translates to “that, which uplifts through constant repetition, is a Mantra”.

Chanting is not just about religion and spirituality; rather it’s a combination of sound, breath and rhythm that helps you to channelise your energy. The mantras have both psychological and physiological effects on your body. Vedic chant is the expression of hymns from the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of Hinduism. The practice dates back at least 3,000 years and is probably the world’s oldest continuous vocal tradition.

These mantras awaken and energise your body’s natural healing mechanisms. They unlock the secret and sacred inner pathways that lead you to eternal happiness and wellbeing. Vedic knowledge, if applied to current times in the right context, can only benefit us all –no vedic ritual is directed at personal benefit; it is all meant for the good of the entire community, for as the sacred scriptures point out, vasudhaiva kutumbakam – we are one family. Good karma generates even more good karma and will benefit everyone.