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We encourage you to come together for 7 days of blissful journey, a journey of Indian tradition, culture, spirituality, yoga and music. We hope the festival will energise your senses and bring about an enlightened perspective towards spirituality.

Please Note:

  • Participants should contribute INR 11,000 or Euro 141 (early bird INR 8100 / Euro 111 ) to help organising the festival.
  • Volunteers should contribute INR 5100 Euro 71 (early bird INR 3100 / Euro 51) to cover the cost of their Bhog and prasad.
  • Coordinators do not need to pay for their participation.

This Includes all Rituals, workshops, and concerts with two-time simple food (Prasad) for all 6 days of the festival


Forgotten Land, Arambol Beach,
North Goa, India