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Volunteer (SEVA)

What does it mean to be a festival volunteer at Leela Fest?

We would love to have you on board as a volunteer for the Leela Fest. So what does it mean to be a festival volunteer at Leela Fest? Our volunteers will co-participate in creating the site of the festival and gather positive energy for the manifestation of our festivals.
As a festival volunteer, you will participate in the festival and in exchange offer your time and energy to serve the festival in any one of our working groups. As an exchange for your contribution, you will receive our festival ticket at a discounted price and two simple vegetarian meals a day.
As a volunteer of the Leela Fest team, you will be required to arrive two days before the festival begins and work together in any one of our teams. The schedule for seva will not collide with any events during the festival.
In case of any queries kindly contact volunteer@gceo.in

The Volunteer Experience:-

As a volunteer you will become a part of any one of our working groups. Each group has a coordinator who will be your source for support and information during your participation in the festival.
Your coordinator establishes the necessary overview, and is also responsible for planning and scheduling the work of your group. You will be required to meet your coordinator in the welcome meeting on the day you arrive at the festival.
You will have an option to pick your preferred working group when you fill in the application form. Kindly note that this does not assure that you will be placed in your choice of group. We hope you trust that we are doing our best to synchronise our practical needs with your energy, passion and experience. We ask you to remain flexible and be prepared to occasionally help out in other working groups to support the flow.
During a festival you are most welcome to join the workshop program when you are not working. On non-festival days there are activities for the volunteers to connect, re-connect and to establish the energy to boost the resonance of the festival.
Your working meditation takes 3 hours a day. You can work out with your coordinator if you prefer a morning or an afternoon shift, when such options are available. The departure day is also a working day – please bear in mind that you will be expected to help out before lunch, to support us with cleaning and putting things away after the festival.

Entry Fee for Volunteers: INR 5100 Euro 71
(early bird INR 3100 / Euro 51)

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Volunteers Terms and conditions:-

To be eligible as a Leela Fest Volunteer, we ask that you agree to the following: *

You must attend the Volunteer Orientation Meeting two days prior to the start of the festival and be available for all seven days of the festival and complete all shift requirements of up to 21 hours of volunteer work in exchange for discounted festival pass.
Please bring a photo ID in the orientation meeting. If you are unable to do a shift due to emergency you must contact your respective volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

You will be required to check in at the Volunteer station 10 minutes before your shift. It is important that you do this so we know your shift is covered. If you are unavoidably running late or can’t make it to your shift please inform the volunteer check in area.

You must comply with all safety requirements associated with the volunteer position and attend the volunteer orientation meeting.
As a volunteer of the Leela Fest I take full responsibility for all my actions during the event and agree to hold The Leela Fest, it’s employees and any associates harmless from any incident, damage, unexpected injuries, losses, claims or demands that may take place during the festival due to my actions or actions associated with me. I agree to all of the above by typing my name in the space below.

Coordinator (Maha SEVA)

If you wish to play the role of a coordinator and develop your leadership skills in a supportive environment and if you have past experiences as a volunteer with organising festivals then, coordinating a work-group might just be the right thing for you.

As a coordinator you will be the primary source of information and structure, you will be responsible for designing the schedule and distribute responsibility amongst your team. All work must be planned under the guidance of your work-leader. The role gives you an insight into the volunteer aspect and festival organisation as a whole. All coordinators are welcome to the festival without any fee. Kindly note that we do not have a provision for accommodation for our volunteers. As a coordinator you can build a functioning team, support a good atmosphere and play a huge part in creating an amazing festival!

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We encourage you to come together for 5 days of blissful journey, a journey of Indian tradition, culture, spirituality, yoga and music. We hope the festival will energise your senses and bring about an enlightened perspective towards spirituality.

Support us to Make it an amazing spiritual experience for everybody.